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“It is not a trick to go round these days, you can pay a lot of money and fly round the world nonstop in less than forty-eight hours, but to know it, to smell it and feel it between your toes you have to crawl. There is no other way.”
~Ted Simon


Two guys, two Beamers, and 15 000 km ahead on a trip from Germany to Iran – and back.

We, Chris and Alex, are two motorbike enthusiasts from Germany who have been dreaming about getting on motorbike trips from the day we first met as freshmen at university.

At that time, none of us had money – not to say that Alex was even lacking some more essentials, like a bike and a licence. Still, dreams stayed, essentials came, and on a not-so-sober evening in a Czech tavern somewhere around the city of Pilsen a pact was made to finally get things going.

Nine months of preparation later, after endless calls, planning, vaccinations, and sleepless nights, on the 20th July 2015 the trip starts from the city of Nuremberg, heading east to Persia. The way back will be done over Russia, rendering it somewhat of a tour around the Black Sea. There’s but one rule: No highways where road signs are not in German!


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  1. Eric
    | Reply

    Wish you guys a lot of luck.

  2. Ali
    | Reply

    Good luck guys! you rock :-)

    • roadtopersia
      | Reply

      Thanks so much, Ali :)

  3. majid abbasi
    | Reply

    hi my external friend ..
    what are you doing??

  4. majid abasi
    | Reply

    Hi my friend… I work in the shoping with my brother (ali) we can see you??? I travel to monkhen zorikh

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