Iran at home

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We haven’t camped for a week since we left Turkey so we decide to finally pull it through this night. Following our usual routine, we stop at the centre of Hamedan and Chris starts running around different shops to gather food for the night. We’re completely off the beaten track now so there’s plenty of PR for Alex to take care of in the meantime. As we’re on the way out of the city we stop by the side to have a look at the maps when a car comes right behind us. Two young men get out, introduce themselves and invite us to their home. About such situations, we were taught exactly two things: make sure to politely refuse the offer three times and if it still stands then hell yeah, say yes!


We do as we’re told and this night are introduced to an Iran that’s so not what you would expect – it’s still amazing how one surprise follows the next. We learn how young people design their free time in a country where dancing and drinking in public can get you into trouble easily. Still, there’s plenty of good times to enjoy – we meet our host’s parents at home, go out for dinner with their friends (fast food and pizza is everyone’s choice these days) and end up at home with more of our new friends. For us it’s fun and amazement at its purest and our hosts enjoy showing off their country from its best side. We follow up the next morning with a tour around the main sights in the area together with thousands of tourists (all Iranian, no exception) and are barely let gone – no idea how this could possibly get any better.



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